Group Commitment

The ultimate customer of the enterprise -consumers- have already become the common ground for business and IT professionals. Both groups are seeking ways provide the highest quality service in a timely, cost effective manner. Yet in some organizations those efforts have lacked the cohesive focus which is so vital to success. As companies reengineer their infrastructure into "customer-focused" organizations, IT professionals are challenged to implement technologies with a strong political and social affinity to support the "customer theme".

"Bridging the Gap" between technology and your business 



Support Customer Themes ♦ Customer Focused Solutions ♦ Integrating New Technology Strategies ♦ Understanding Enterprise Consumers ♦ Rapid Delivery of High Impact Solutions

Compounding this challenge are issues such as the volatility of technology, workforce viability, the pressures of regulatory change, and the speed of Globalization. With so many external factors affecting business today, IT alignment is essential to be competitive, profitable and to assure future survival. BTAG is positioned to understand and support your efforts.




Who is BTAG

Since 1996, the Business Technology Alignment Group has successfully served their clients with the  the highest caliber talent in the industry. Our consultants and partners are all  50 years of experience in the financial services, manufacturing and information technology industries. That experience includes business initiatives in Canada, Mexico, South America, and Europe. Prior to forming BTAG, the founders held various senior executive positions in the technology and business sectors. We maintain strong relationships with the "best of breed" vendors and service providers in order to provide your organization with a financially sound competitive advantage. BTAG goes beyond a purely functional approach. We understand the linkages among business areas and how to align processes to optimize efficiency and strategic effectiveness across functional lines. We do not view an individual process as a stand-alone entity. Rather, we recognize the interdependence of all business processes and develop homogeneous solutions by taking a broad view of the enterprise. We firmly believe that a successful enterprise is attained by merging sound business process knowledge, appropriate use of enabling technologies, and old fashioned dedication. All of our services are structured to support that belief, and are available on a retainer or per-project basis.

BTAG has the skills and knowledge to bring it all together 

  • Business Technology Alignment Group, LLC (BTAG) has been providing business and technical consulting to major corporations for 16 years
  • All our consultants are highly experienced with a minimum of 10 years experience and an average of 15 years experience
  • A company of employees, specialized subcontractors and approved partners give us access to over 100 proven skilled individuals
  •  Our customers include numerous Fortune 500 extremely high client call back rate for new business
  • A major industry focus is the insurance industry

What BTAG Does

We provide responsive consultancy services that enable your information technology projects to align with your tactical operating objectives and business strategy.

  • Complete Objectivity: By offering only executive-level strategic services, BTAG analysis is unencumbered by the damaging bias often found with systems integrators and product/service companies
  • Innovative: BTAG recognized industry experts act as part of the client’s project team, leveraging BTAG’s unique, applied consulting methodology to address leading-edge issues that lack clear-cut answers
  • Accelerated Approach: BTAG’s engagement model is based on a fee for a fixed scope of work delivered in short, focused time frames; this approach quickly drives all projects to viable outcomes, giving clients time to act while the opportunity still exists
  • Action-Oriented: BTAG project recommendations emphasize achievable solutions given client realities of time, culture, and cost, emphasizing prioritized actions derived from our interaction with more than 100 industry-leading organizations
  •  Exceptional Value: High renewal rates and long-term relationships demonstrate BTAG’s ability and commitment to consistently deliver value on our clients’ terms

Our Philosophy

The very same factors that help personal relationships succeed are critical to success and growth within organizations: understanding, cooperation, balance, and focus. BTAG is a relatively small, focused company dedicated to an open approach which emphasizes delivery of sound business solutions with a strong commitment to maintaining a close personal relationship with our customers

Small focused relationships with a mutual desire to succeed




  • Issue Centric
  • Manageable Size
  • Personal Attention
  • Leverage Partnerships
  • Concise Action Oriented
  • Homogeneous Approach

Certified Consultants